Spring Season Resumes, Jokers Fall 10-3

Dek hockey made a triumphant return on July 6 and the Jokers of Doom entered their first game back with an 0-3-1 record and trying to find a win, however things did not go their way in a 10-3 drubbing vs Vortex. The new rules called for two 20 minute running time periods and the Jokers fell behind about 6 minutes into the game. With only 1 sub on the bench, the Jokers could never find their stride and 2 more goals piled on quickly and by the time the period ended the game result was no longer in doubt at 7-0. Determined not to go down without a fight, Rich Orsini fired home a slapshot blast to get the Jokers on the board late into the 2nd period. Moments later he would get a gift goal on a long lift into the zone that trickled through the 5 hole. Near the end of the period Delfo Tringali would get credit for an own goal by Vortex, followed by a late goal by Vortex to make the final score 10-3. The Jokers will next look to get in the win column on July 13 vs the undefeated Honey Badgers.